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Lynn Padgett For Ouray County Commissioner, District 1

Lynn's Background Mission & Values Leadership & Experience

Proven Qualifications:

Demonstrated commitment to objective, intelligent, informed and transparent leadership.
Demonstrated commitment to honor our Master Plan and Land Use Code while protecting lawful private property rights, water rights, and encouraging steady, smart growth and diversified economic opportunities.
Demonstrated skills to help our County Government DO MORE WITH LESS: maintain fiscal conservatism, maximize financial resources, increase efficiencies and minimize waste.
Demonstrated skills to help our County Government provide high quality services efficiently. During the Great Recession, Lynn's leadership found ways to Do More With Less by saving the County government and taxpayers over $116,000/year in utilities, communication and jail costs. Lynn initiated audits and strategic implementation plans for the county's Internet/Technology (IT) Department and Road and Bridge Departments to redesign these departments to better outcomes.