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> WENS (Wireless Emergency Notification Service) for residents & visitors
> TNS (Target Notification Service) for residents and property owners
> Ouray County official web site
> Ouray County 2012 Open Burning Regulations
> Ouray County 2012 Emergency Preparedness Plan
> Are You Ready for an Emergency?
> Log Hill Volunteer Fire Department web site

Emergency: call 9-1-1 | Non-emergency dispatch: 970-252-4010

Ouray County Sheriff's Department: 970-325-7272


Ouray County WENS Wireless Emergency Notification System
Ouray County Wireless Emergency Notification Service (WENS) -- all residents & visitors

SIGN UP FOR OURAY COUNTY WENS (Wireless Emergency Notification Service) -- The WENS system is used for general alerts regarding road closures, road conditions, accidents, or severe weather and is helpful for commuters, visitors and residents.  You do not have to be a Ouray County resident! A text message will be sent to your mobile number AND/OR email outlining the nature of the emergency. Sign up for WENS service by completing a simple online registration. It is free to sign up.



San Miguel County WENS Wireless Emergency Notification Alert
San Miguel County WENS -- all residents & visitors spending time in San Miguel County
Ouran County TNS Target Notification System
Ouray County Target Notification Service (TNS) -- all residents & property owners


If you travel between San Miguel County (Telluride, Norwood, etc.) and Ouray County, you may also want to sign up for the San Miguel County WENS general alert messages. It may save you a trip over the pass when road closures, fires, extreme weather, or other hazards exist in San Miguel County. It is free to sign up.




SIGN UP FOR OURAY COUNTY TNS (Target Notification Service) -- TNS gives geographically targeted alerts so you know about evacuations, sheltering, and very serious emergencies, like evacuation during a wildfire. Traditional land-line phones are automatically enrolled. If you have a cell phone or are a property owner living out of town this is the only way you will know! A valid physical address of your home or property is required. TNS sends a voicemail and text. This is different than WENS and you really need to sign up for both. It is free to sign up.




Ouray County Colorado government web site
Ouray County web site

COUNTY OPEN BURING NOTIFICATION ORDINANCE -- In 2012, a new Colorado state law and unfunded mandate required Ouray County to enact a slash burn notification system, but agricultural burns are specifically exempted. Certain NON-agricultural controlled burns are regulated by Ordinance 2012-01: "Open Burning Notification For Slash". If you have questions, or see a violation of this ordinance, please contact the Ouray County Sheriff's office at 970-325-7272.


OURAY COUNTY EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PLAN -- In November 2012, Ouray County Board of County Commissioners adopted a new County Emergency Preparedness Plan by Resolution 2012-033. Government agencies need to anticipate how they will provide services during a disaster, how to resume services once they have been interrupted, or alternative means for providing services during a disaster. This Emergency Preparedness Plan provides guidance to Ouray County staff and volunteers to respond to an emergency.The purpose of this Plan is to provide general guidelines and to designate specific principles and resources for managing and coordinating overall response and recovery activities before, during and after major emergencies and disaster events. The guidelines apply to the affected unincorporated area of the county, as well as incorporated areas that request help, have agreements with or rely on Ouray County provision of emergency management assistance. The Sheriff of Ouray County is the Emergency Management Director for the County.

Log Hill Village Volunteer Fire Department

Please also check out:

• Log Hill Fire Department web site -- has the Log Hill Evacuation Plan
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